GSM2With the first open practice rapidly approaching, the Granite State Pro Stock Series staff continues to put together additional contingencies for the upcoming season. Mike Parks announced this week that Bond Auto Parts, Sunoco Race Fuels and Sherwood Racing Wheels will continue to support the second year group of Pro Stock competitors.
“These companies staying with us are paramount to the success of this series.” Parks stated.

Bond Auto Parts operates over 40 auto parts stores in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and will provide a $200.00 gift certificate for their stores to the competitors who finish as the last car on the lead lap. Said Mark Mast, who is the Marketing Director for Bond Auto Parts, “The Granite State Pro Stock Series reaches all of our marketing area so it’s a natural fit”. Heading into Vermont for the first time on Friday, June 14 when the series visits Devil’s Bowl Speedway for the first time and crossing the border south to the Thompson International Speedway for the season opener Icebreaker on April 13 and 14, and season ending World Series on Saturday October 19 certainly puts them through the Bond Auto Parts territory, not to mention the eight visits throughout the state of New Hampshire. You can find more information on Bond Auto Parts at

Sunoco Race Fuels will continue as the Official Fuel of the Granite State Pro Stock Series, and will also provide 5 gallons of fuel for the winner of each qualifying event. This makes winning not only the feature important to each competitor. With costs going up, 5 gallons of fuel will definitely go a long way in helping offset some of the costs associated with fuel. It also puts an extra emphasis on winning a heat or consolation. More information on Sunoco Race Fuels can be found at

Sherwood Racing Wheels will continue on at the Official Wheel of the Granite State Pro Stock Series in 2013 as well. They will provide a $50.00 certificate to the third place finisher in each feature throughout the season. Sherwood Racing Wheels when Allen and Lee Sherwood stepped up from wheel repairs to manufacturing, and have grown their business through word of mouth and through promotions. In addition to manufacturing and repairing their own wheels, they will also repair wheels from other manufacturers, repainting them and leak checking them before returning them back to the customer. Find out more information

While the staff has been busy putting these contingencies together, the teams are preparing for the first open practice of the season, which is rapidly approaching. The series heads to Thompson Speedway for the annual Icebreaker as the speedways, and the series, season opener. This will be a return visit for many of the competitors, but others have never competed on the high banks, which makes the two pre-season open test sessions important for the drivers and teams. Thompson Speedway opens up on Saturday March 30 and April 6 for competitors from any series or speedway to shake down their new mounts in anticipation for their first laps of competition on April 13 and 14.

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