RPM_5174story by Chris Roy

Carter Patterson of Belfast, ME was busy all winter, but is now ready to go racing at Richmond Karting Speedway (RKS). “I went snowmobiling, joined the track team, played intramural football, and worked shoveling snow.”

As a 2012 RKS Champion, Carter knows how to get his kart into Victory Lane. He explains, “The key to racing at RKS is the line you run, a good setup and motor.”

Like most drivers racing at RKS, Carter loves when the sun goes down, the lights come on, and as the green flag gets ready to fly. “I prefer racing under the lights because it seems faster and the track is more fun to drive.”

All drivers have one moment that will always live with them. Even though Carter just began his racing career, he already has some great memories. “My most memorable moment would be last year my first race in Sr. Sportsman because that was the day I won my first senior race.”

Safety is always an important part of racing Carter shares his thoughts on how the racing could be made safer. “I would make a minimum roll cage height to help ensure safety.”

Racing on the track is just one aspect of racing. A lot of work goes into setting up the karts prior to racing on to the track. According to Carter, “Yes, I work on the kart and I’m learning more specific things about the setup and I really feel I know how the setup works.”

Carter explains that racing is a family tradition. “My dad and grandfather used to race and I would always go to the track with them.”

With all of success racing karts Carter is looking to the future. “I’m trying to attract more sponsors that would help me make the switch to a Late Model or Legends Car.”

Carter would also like to mention his sponsors and thank them for their support and help:
Brian Staples Construction, Jackson Landscaping, LH Graphics, and Bloods Garage