7293story by Chris Roy
Connor Wenners, of Edgecomb, ME is racing in the Jr. Sportsman Series at Richmond Karting Speedway (RKS). Racing at RKS is always a great time for the driver, race teams, and fans. Many of the drivers are good friends. As Connor explains: “All the friends I’ve made. This will be the 5th year that I have raced with some of them.”
Kart racing is where most drivers learn the fundamentals. According to Connor, he learned, “Running a good line, staying low in the corners, and watching out for wrecks.”

Connor had great success racing at RKS. This season, he wants to broaden his horizons and experience other race tracks across New England: “I am going to be racing at a few other tracks this year, because I am finally old enough! I love racing at Richmond, but it is fun to challenge myself by trying new tracks. I have already raced at Londonderry Speedway once and am going to go back. I am also going to race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Route 106 Race Park, and Pomfret Speedway.”

Last year, RKS raced during the day and at night under the lights. When asked which he liked better, Connor replied: “I like racing better in the afternoon. My kart seems to go better when the track is hot.”

When it’s time to get to work, Connor has no problem using a little elbow grease on the kart, working in the pits, and in the garage with his dad: “Yes, a lot! I love working on my kart and with my brothers.”

Connor kept busy during the off season. He said, “I played basketball and have been helping my dad work on go karts.”
Kart racing is the beginning for most young drivers. Many move on to the Bandoleros, Legends, Late Models, and hopefully race NASCAR at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. So, what would Connor like to race next? “Anything I can get my hands on! I would like to get a Bandolero soon and then move up to Legends.”

Last weekend’s race was rained out. Connor is more than ready for this weekend’s feature: “Yes! We worked hard to get my kart set back up for RKS.”