99CAstory by Chris Roy
Curtis Anderson of Richmond ME is racing in the Unrestricted Class this season at Richmond Karting Speedway (RKS).
Curtis had a lot of success at RKS and knows how to get his kart into victory lane. He explains, it’s “being patient, running a good line, having total support from my parents and sponsors.”

Even though there are no night races this season at RKS, the majority of the drivers love racing under the lights. Curtis adds, “I liked the night races better it seems like your kart runs faster and the difference in the track.”
After each practice and heat race, you will see the karts in the pits and the race teams taking off the tires and putting a heat gun and scrapper to them. I asked Curtis what the purpose was behind cleaning the tires. He said, “They stick better to the track.”

Curtis is the 2012 Sportsman Champion at RKS. This season, he is racing the 99 kart in the Unrestricted Class. According to Curtis: “It was great being the 2012 Sportsman Champion and the XXX series Champion. It was awesome. I was so proud and looking forward to new challenges for the 2013.”

Compared to the Sportsman Class that Curtis raced last season, the Unrestricted Class is more advanced. Curtis added, “The SPEED is faster, more of a challenge, money races, and racing with the BIG BOYS.”

A great driver knows how everything works on the race kart. Curtis told me, “I work on it more on my own now with all that I have learned over the past 3 years.”

Curtis kept busy in the off season enjoying what many kids like to do, playing soccer and baseball.
Curtis has big plans for the future. This 15 year-old looks forward to one day racing in the Pro All Star Series (PASS).