DSC_0952story by Chris Roy
Kate Re of Lovell, ME is one of the new Lady Young Guns racing in the Jr. Sportsman Series at Richmond Karting Speedway (RKS). RKS is a popular, family-oriented track where fans can watch and cheer on their favorite driver. After finishing her race, Kate had this to say: “I LOVED racing at RKS, it was fun. I like the banking and the straight ways.”

Last race season, Kate raced karts at Oxford Plains (OPS). I asked Kate how does RKS compare to OPS? Kate replied, “I like the straight ways because they are fast. RKS straight ways are longer but both are fun. I only raced at Oxford four times. I like RKS a lot more. The pit area is better at RKS and you can bring bikes. They also have a playground.”

Every time a driver suits up, straps in to the seat, and takes to the track they learn something new to enhance their racing skills. What did Kate learn last weekend at RKS? “I learned to pass well and I also learned about the flags.”
Prior to the race, the RKS flagman came down and gave the Young Guns a class on all the different flags and what they mean, and what you are supposed to do when you see that particular flag.

Safety is always a big issue when racing, so what does Kate do to keep safe inside the kart when she is racing? “I know to stay still and not lean towards the motor.”

Though Kate’s crew chief just happens to be her dad, Rick Re, Kate is more than willing to push up her sleeves and get to work on the kart. “Yes, I drive and work on the kart with my dad.”

RKS has 19 race dates on the schedule for the 2013 season, some of which are double header weekends. This will be a busy season for the Re Race Team. According to Kate, “Yes, I am going to race full season at RKS and I’m not racing any place else.”

Being a full-time kart racer isn’t the only sport that Kate participates in. “I play field hockey and softball. I’m also a cheerleader and I enjoy learning to hunt with my dad and snowmobiling.”

Kate has been keeping busy in the off season enjoying what most kids love to do. “I have been playing with my dog, ice fishing and going to School; also planning stuff to do to my kart.”

Kate would like to say thank you to her sponsors this year: Worsters Marine Center, Worsters Rubbish Removal, The Old Mill Tavern, Henry and Nancy Hudson, all from Harrison, Maine; Troy Morse Concrete from Bridgton, Maine; Drew Corp and Bob Sharp from Lovell, Maine and Andy Shaw Designs from Conway, NH.