Story by Chris Roy

Alex Moore got the nickname “Ajax” from his Uncle John Ready, in Greek mythology the name Ajax was the name of the great grandson of the God Zeus.

Alex has to be one of the most determined drivers’ at Richmond Karting Speedway(RKS).  Always with a positive attitude on race day as Alex makes the trip from Oxford, ME to RKS.

Alex has had two 2nd place finishes this season so far, though this weekend Alex is hoping to do a victory lap with the checkered flag in the final race of the season at RKS.

Being a young  driver racing karts Alex is getting a lot of experience and seat time  but, if you ask him what he likes best about racing karts, Alex will tell you, “It’s fun and you get to meet new people.”

I asked Alex what is the key to getting around the track at RKS. His reply, “Having a fast car, holding the gas to the floor the whole way and try to stay low.”

Though this upcoming weekend race at RKS is the last race of the season, that doesn’t mean Alex plans on slowing down, “I am Going to school and helping my grandfather with my kart.”

When the snow melts this spring Alex and the Ajax Karting Race Team will be ready for the green flag to fly. “We are going to stay in blue plate and I hope to win my first race and possibly my first championship.”

Like a lot of drivers such as Evan Beaulieu, Matt Grant, and Bobby Timmons along with a number of other drivers growing up here in Maine went on to race U.S. Legends Cars, and that is the career path that Alex look to tackle next.


RKS has a double header this weekend with a race on Saturday and another on Sunday to close out the season so is Alex and the Ajax race team ready? “Yeah.”

Alex would like to thank his sponsors for their support this season.  Wild Petroleum Equipment, Fashion Inc.