DSC_1028story by Chris Roy

10 year old Nicole Benincasa, of Buxton Maine, made the transition from Junior Boxstock at Richmond Karting Speedway, and in here rookie season she came away with the Boxstock Championship. “It was really cool to win the Boxstock Championship it was the first time I have ever raced for points. It was my first full year racing.”

In the 2012 race season Nicole made a number of trips to victory lane, and it was the same this season as she took the checkered flag 10 times this season. So how does the boxstocks compare to the Jr. Boxstocks, “The speeds are faster and there are many more challenges and stronger competition compared to Junior Boxstock.”


So with all the success this season at RKS what is Ms. Benincasa most memorable moment? “My most memorable moment of the 2013 season was winning 10 feature races in a row.”

With a championship in the Boxstocks this season what are Nichole’s plans for 2014. “Next seasons plan is to race the blue plate Jr. Sportsman class.”

An amazing rookie season in Boxstocks at RKS with 12 wins, “The key to my success in boxstock was hard work a lot of testing time at the track and keeping the go kart in top shape by working on it and scaling it every week.”

With a lot of success already in kart racing, Nichole is already looking to the future. “After karting for a few more years I would love to try whiz kids and maybe try a legend car later in life then who knows.”

With the season coming to a close and the RKS banquet coming up, Nicole plans to keep busy in the off season.  “In the off season I will be concentrating on school work and keeping good grades, some winter fun like trying snowmobiling, my birthday is also in February, also to help my dad to get my go kart ready for next year. I want to learn more about working on my own kart.”

Nicole would like thank her sponsor, King Automotive, Bill Dodge Auto Group.