DSC_5317story by Chris Roy

After a few years of hard work and determination Ms. King is now the 2013 RKS Sportsman Champion, “It’s almost unexplainable! Considering last year I had finished 7th, and now being the champion. I’m glad the work my Dad and I put into the kart during the off season showed this season.”

Though Kayla has taken the checkered flag a number of time this season there is one in particular that means a lot to her, “I would have to say the Mid-summer, Shootout, not only because it was my first win, but the fact that the race was really close and I needed to really think about every move I made, especially the last one giving me the win coming out of turn four on the outside.  It was truly something amazing, almost unexplainable! It was not only my first win of the season but my first win at the track, and after that win, many more followed.”

Kayla always has a smile when she is racing at RKS, could this be the key to her success, “I think the most important thing to my success this season would probably be keeping my head up and working through the days when my kart isn’t at its best. And to always keep the most positive attitude whenever I could.”

The schedule at RKS has the drivers racing in the afternoon and at night under the lights, so which is Kayla favorite. “Definitely under the lights because the track feels faster and it seems more competitive. Since my first year of kart racing at Oxford Plains Speedway, I’ve liked racing at night under the lights.”

Now race season is finished, so how does Kayla plan on spending her time till the snow melts and they wave the green flag again. “My current plans for the off season are basketball, basketball, and more basketball! I’m playing for an AAU team right now, and I’m going to try out for the Bonny Eagle Lady Scots 7th grade school team. I also help coach my younger sister’s basketball team.”