photo by RPM Photography

story by Chris Roy

Kate Re of Lovell, Maine will be back at Richmond Karting Speedway (RKS), once again this upcoming race season.  Kate will be competing in the two different race series – Box Stock and Junior Animal.  

Though Kate hasn’t been racing over the winter, she has been keeping busy getting ready for the 2014 race season. “During the off season I’ve been going to school and getting my karts ready for this season. I’ll be racing two classes this year, so it’s been a lot of work over the winter getting ready. I also put my karts in two car shows over the winter to support RKS and try to get some new racers interested, the Northeast Motorsports Expo in Augusta and the Maine Racin’ Preview in Portland. I was really excited when I won “Best Appearing Go-Kart” at the Augusta show. It was a surprise and a great way to start the season.”


 The season opener at RKS is on April 27th though there is a practice day for the drivers on April 19th. “We’ve worked hard over the winter. I am all set for this season to start – I can’t wait to race and see my racing friends.”

With all the success she has last season with 4 Jr Boxstock wins and 1 win in her inaugural Boxstock race, Kate looks to carry the momentum forward into this season. “I hope I can carry over my success to this year. It will be challenging but I feel confident and am excited to get started.”

Richmond Karting Speedway is one of the premier kart racing tracks her in Maine, with long straight away’s and high banks. The drivers learn to race the track as well as one another.  “Everyone races different and has different ways of getting around the track. The key for me getting around RKS is following my lines and hitting my marks. RKS is a fun track!”

Kates dad is very busy come race weekend, working as crew chief, mechanic, spotter, sponsor, etc… “I think it would be fun to race with my dad because he can help me learn. He knows a lot about racing;” So who would win if these 2 Re’s raced each other, “it would be tough but I think I would win because I have more experience in a go-kart than he does.”

Safety is always important issue when at the race track, as everyone is making sure the drivers have a fun, exciting and safe race as they head on to the race track.  “Being safe is very important! My dad and I do safety checks on my kart before each race or practice. I also wear the right equipment to keep me safe – a fire suit, helmet, neck brace, elbow pads, gloves and shoes. The people at the track and my dad have also taught me about safety on the track – it’s okay to be aggressive but be safe doing it.”

Kate would like to thank all her race sponsors, “I would also like to say a BIG thank you to my sponsors this year, I couldn’t enjoy this without their continued support!! Andy Shaw Designs, Henry’s Concrete, Jake’s Rod Shop, Old Mill Tavern, The Toy Box, Troy Morse Concrete, Uncle Bob, Worster Marine Center and Worster Rubbish.”