photo by RPM Photography

Story by Chris Roy

Curtis Anderson of Richmond, Maine is making the transition this season from Kart racing at Richmond Karting Speedway to Thunder 4 at Wiscasset Speedway.

So over the winter while waiting for race season to start Curtis and his pit crew have been busy, “We have been building a new car for 2014 season at Wiscasset Speedway.”


The 2014 season opening day at Wiscasset Speedway for the Thunder 4’s, is on April 26th.  “Yes we are all set for 2014 season opener at Wiscasset Speedway.”

With 8 series and 2 flex races, Wiscasset Speedway has split the racing with 5 series racing every other week. So what does Curtis think of the schedule? “It’s an Ok schedule.”

The first two race weekends at Wiscasset are in the afternoon, after that they are mostly night races, “I like the day racing but, some night races are good under the lights.”

Curtis has had a lot of success racing in karts at Richmond Karting Speedway, so will he be back to do some racing this season? “I might do some kart racing but I need to work at RKS since my parents bought the track.”

Racing mostly in karts last season at RKS, at the end of the season Curtis was able to get some races in the Thunder 4 at Wiscasset last year. “The Thunder 4 race cars are a lot bigger and much more fun to drive.”

Everyone loves to have fun and a good time at the race track so safety is always important issue, “Buckle up tight and wear Hans device.”

Curtis would like to say a word to all your race fans and drivers, about the 2014 race season. “Good luck to everyone and safe racing.”