photo by RPM Photography

Story by Chris Roy

Madison Morse from Town-Bridgton, Maine RKS will be returning to Richmond Karting Speedway this race season to compete in the blue plate series. During the off season Madison, has been keeping busy, “I’ve been playing basketball, snowboarding and cleaning up my go kart getting ready for racing season.”

Madison has her goals set for this race season, “To learn a lot and work hard to get to the front and win.”


Race season gets underway at RKS on April 27th and Madison and her pit crew have been getting the kart all set and ready to go for the 1st green flag of the season. “We are all set for opening day at RKS. We have a new karts and are very excited to be back at RKS.”

PASS Modified driver Troy Morse, just happens to be Madison crew chief, mechanic and dad, “He has giving me advice about keeping my line in the corners and on the straight away and what to do and when to do it.”

One of the most importing about racing at RKS is learning how to race and, have a good time and learning how to race, “I just started racing at RKS last year with only 5 races left, they were so nice to me and my family and all the kids racing accepted me, and I really liked that. It’s like one big family at RKS.”

Kart racing is a first step in which drivers learn how to race, “I would like to see myself a better racer and competitor so I could race in any division and with different racers.”

The 2014 RKS race schedule has both day and night races this season, “I have only raced once under the lights but I think I like the cool air blowing in my kart.”

Madison would like to say to all her fans and sponsors, “I would like to give special thanks to my dad, mom and sister for all their support and very special thanks to Rick Re, Norm Judkins, Wilson Excavating, Rolfe Corp, NealCo and Troy Morse Concrete, without these guys it wouldn’t be possible. Thank you RKS for a great place to spend my summer.”