photo by RPM 360

Story by Chris Roy

Bryan Searles, of Presque Isle, Maine competed in 4 different series at 3 different race tracks (Thundering Valley Raceway – Richmond Karting Speedway, and Spud Speedway)   during the 2017 race season.   Driving the #07 Bryan was able to win two championships. One at Spud Speedway, the other at Thundering Valley. Then round off the season with a second place in the RKS “XXX” Series and a 6th for overall points in the RKS regular season. “It feels like I worked really hard to get here and that everyone has been really kind and helpful. Everyone has been really good competition for me and that’s helpful since I want to go to NASCAR someday.”


With all the races he ran this past season Bryans highlight came during a night race at RKS, “One of my most memorable moments from this year was, my first win at RKS, was that I won the first triple X race.”

With his success this past race season, Bryan has figured out the key to getting around RKS, TVR, Spud, and XXX. “The key is being prepared for what’s to come and knowing how to get around things when stuff happens.”


Racing at 3 different race tracks a lot of work goes into change the setup for each race track, as well as fine tuning the car for weather, night and day racing. “Yes my mom does because every track is different. Some of the tracks need different tires always need an oil change they need different gears and different fuels and engines.”


Racing at 3 different tracks and the XXX series, each race track is unique in its own way.  “My favorite thing about Spud is that it’s close to home and we don’t have to travel that far. I like TVR because it’s a little closer than Richmond but there isn’t a whole lot of competition there. I like RKS because there’s more competition, the track is bigger, and I can go faster.”


An exciting, and busy race season, Bryan and the race team (Mom) are looking forward to some time off. “I plan to just stay home and hang out with the cat. I just want to take it easy in the offseason.”


Mr. Determination is looking forward to the 2018 race season, “My plans for next year or to work harder and win the championship at all three tracks.”

Bryan just closed out the 2017 race season with a 2nd place finish in the Halloween Howler at RKS.


Bryan and the #07 race team would like to thank there sponsors – Cowett’s Auto Recyclers &JRT CUSTOMS & Mike’s Auto Body & Griffeth Ford.