RPM 360 photo

story by Chris Roy

Bryan Searles, driver of the #07 kart from Presque, ME. Is ready for the snow to melt and go racing. “Just chilling back and preparing for next season. I’ve been going to boys scouts and trying to earn some merit badges. Other than that I’ve been playing video games and riding snow sled.”

The #07 plans to be victorious in the 2018 race season? I hope to get first place in every single race and the XXX series and the Halloween Howler. And just to have fun.

Bryan is doing triple duty this race season at Spud, RKS, and Speedway 95, the #07 race team will be busy. “Yeah, I guess I will be busy at all the tracks but you know you just have to have fun. We meet new people and have fun.”

Racing at three different tracks a lot of work goes into setting up the kart. “I can use the same engine at Spud’s and 95 this year. Hope we can use it at RKS next year so we don’t have to keep changing it out. I like the animal a lot better because it’s faster and it doesn’t break down every race.”

One thing that keeps drivers busy during the winter is getting sponsors for the season, “I have C.A.R. Parts and JRT Customs. They always help us. I’m always looking for new sponsors to help me out. I need a lots of parts when we break and to haul the kart.”